Guys With Issues Ep 25

June 26, 2012 MarsComedy 8

Episode 25. The Barry Bonds Episode! This week, your Hawaii’s favorite comedy podcast has set up shop at the 939 studios AND we have a guest. A lovely dancer by the name of Andromeda joins the show for a spell. Today amongst other things, we talk about Lebron James, Dave Chappelle’s rough night of stand up, and crazy animal sexy time!

Guys With Issues Ep. 19

May 22, 2012 MarsComedy 1

Episode 19. Hawaii’s own Comedy Podcast is here again at Club 939 studio for yet another podcast for your ass. Russell Kealoha, Jonny Sparkles, and James Mane are in the house and ready to get down to it. This weeks episode, we talk about the Avengers, Emo Hulk, and James and his disappointed dad. We also discuss the late Donna Summers, a fat man protest a buffet, a reddit members records his neighbors having very loud sex. Finally, we make a big announcement about the next guest on Guys With Issues… Comedian, Tommy Davidson!

Guys With Issues Ep. 18

May 15, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Episode 18. Hawaii’s own Comedy Podcast is back at the Club 939 studio. Paul Kane joins along with Russell Kealoha, Jonny Sparkles, and James Mane as we recover from our time spent with London Keyes and BFF Kristin. Russel tells the tale of the one handed keyboardist. We announce the winner of the Mars Comedy caption contest, discuss some weird news, and we talk about celebrity virginity. All this and more on this weeks Guys With Issues. Subscribe. Download. Listen. Enjoy. One handed even!

Guys With Issues Ep. 17

May 9, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Episode 17. We are LIVE and IT. IS. GOING. DOWN. In the Club 939 studio is hardcore porn star London Keyes and her BFF Kristin! Paul Kane joins along with Russell Kealoha, Jonny Sparkles, and James Mane. This is the craziest show ever! If we aren’t taking shots or listening to Kristin and London talk about their sex list, we have London having phone sex and having a song sung to her by our friend Jarrod. Finally, Jimmy’s top 10 with London Keyes. Download. Listen. Comment. Enjoy… because believe me, we did.

Guys With Issues Ep. 10

April 3, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Guys With Issues Episode 10. Woah! We made it to our 10th episode! We couldn’t have kept this Hawaii based comedy podcast going without your support folks. Paul Kane joins along with Russel Kealoha, James Mane, and Jonny Sparkles to bring you the issues! This week, Otto Cakes needs your help, lottery winners get 200 million each, Alabama club promoting “Food Stamp Fridays”, top 10 sex records and more on this weeks episode of Guys with issues! Download it now! do it! do it!

Guys With Issues Ep. 9

March 27, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Guys With Issues Episode 09. Welcome back to another episode of those guys with them issues! This week on fantasy island, WE HAVE A GUEST! James, Russel, and Sparkles welcome special guest from Chad & Anthony on the Couch podcast, Chad Wago. This week we discuss “The Chad”, Porno Star Megan Piper fails to go to the prom AGAIN, KONY 2012 via former porn star Bree Olson, Peyton Manning a Bronco and Sean Peyton a benched chump. We also discuss Smuggling at Smugglers. All this and more! Download, Listen, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Guys With Issues Ep. 7

March 13, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Guys With Issues Episode 07. Back on Fantasy Island (Thanks Bruce and for all your Hawaii Vacation needs!) and the show is airing on time, but the recording was really REALLY late! Thanks to James Mane! After we gave him a gang land beat down, we started the show. This week, James, Paul, Russel, & Sparkles discuss the end of days in Hawaii, Where in the world is Peyton Manning going?, a father bites his son’s dick off, Hulk Hogan sex tape, and some crazy strip club experiences with Paul and Sparkles, and much much more. Download it. Listen to it. Enjoy yourself.