Guys With Issues EP 31

August 29, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Episode 31. Hawaii’s favorite comedy podcast is back and so has Superstar Jonny Sparkles! This week, we talk about what happen to Sparkles last week. […]

Guys With Issues EP 26

July 3, 2012 MarsComedy 7

Episode 26. Rod Woodson Episode! This week, your Hawaii’s own comedy podcast is back at Club 939 Studios with special guest Mrs. Mara. No, we didn’t forget. Christine Mendoza hangs out with us for a few and even does a special Jimmy’s Top 10 with us! It’s a top 10 you will never forget!

Guys With Issues Ep 25

June 26, 2012 MarsComedy 8

Episode 25. The Barry Bonds Episode! This week, your Hawaii’s favorite comedy podcast has set up shop at the 939 studios AND we have a guest. A lovely dancer by the name of Andromeda joins the show for a spell. Today amongst other things, we talk about Lebron James, Dave Chappelle’s rough night of stand up, and crazy animal sexy time!

Guys With Issues Ep 24

June 20, 2012 MarsComedy 9

Episode 24. Which will from now on be known as the “Ken Griffey Jr” Episode! Because he has the same number as our episode. It’s not funny when we have to explain it to you. This week James, Jonny, and Russel are back for another episode of Hawaii’s own comedy podcast, Guys With Issues. This week we are back at Fantasy Island studios. Thanks to (For all your travel needs.) for inviting us into your home. This week on the show, James talks about taking his daughter to her first rock concert, caption contest winner,  our favorite Reggae artist, a guy who has sex with a stuffed teddy bear, and Jimmy’s top 10 worst robber get aways.

Remember Christine Mendoza Will Be At Club 939 June 27 & 28. A Pal Production. Click Here For More Information.