Guys With Issues Ep. 6

March 6, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Guys With Issues Episode 06. The guys are back at it again! Peter Austin makes his triumphant return to the show. This week, we talk the serious issues such as, Ultimate Fighter Gay Porn, Space Strip Club: The Ultimate Frontier, a teacher hooks up with his ex-student, plus much more! We also have shout outs to all the friends and fans of the show. Enjoy the show folks and if you have any questions or comments, leave em here sucka!

Guys With Issues Ep.5

February 28, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Guys With Issues Episode 05. The GUYS (James, Russel, Sparkles, & Paul) welcome a special guest who does comedy all over the world, Mr. Shawn Felipe. In this episode Miley Cyrus puts down the guitar and picks up a nickel bag, schools teach racism to those W-word people, and the GUYS bear it all and go all NATURAL… with tomato boxes on our head. Sit back, protect your junk, stay away from Martin Luther King Boulevard and enjoy yourself!

Guys With Issues Ep.4

February 22, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Guys With Issues Episode 04. James, Russel, Peter, and Sparkles are all back in Fantasy Island Studio to bid farewell to Whitney Houston and discuss Chris Brown’s kiss my ass attitude, a eBay moron’s kiss my money goodbye attitude, and a father who tells his daughter’s lap top to kiss his .45 one bullet at a time.

Guys With Issues Ep.03

February 14, 2012 MarsComedy 5

Guys With Issues Episode 03. We are a man down, but the show must go on! James, Sparkles, & Russel, take the show on the road. This week the Guys with Issues talk about the Grammys, Jeremy Lin, Tiger Mom’s, and the curious case of Hulk HoGAY (Hogan). Plus we give out some shout outs and answer the question, “What Is Success To You?”

Guys With Issues Ep.02

February 8, 2012 MarsComedy 2

Guys With Issues Episode 02. This weeks the Guys with Issues talk Superbowl Shenanigans from the game itself, to our favorite commercials, as well as our reaction to Madonna and company in the half time show! We also talk about University of Hawaii’s porn site controversy, George Clooney’s awesome look alike, and we ask each other what we would do if we won 1 million dollars. The answers will shock you! Plus, an elephant rapes a woman. Finally, this week we have special guest Paul Kane joining in on the fun on Fantasy Island. Fantasy Island accommodations are courtesy of Bruce Fisher and