Guys With Issues EP 35

October 12, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Episode 35. Hawaii’s favorite comedy podcast is back with ANOTHER sexy lady! James Mane, Russel Kealoha, and Chad Wago head back to Hawaii’s Premiere Gentlemen’s […]

Guys With Issues EP 31

August 29, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Episode 31. Hawaii’s favorite comedy podcast is back and so has Superstar Jonny Sparkles! This week, we talk about what happen to Sparkles last week. […]

Guys With Issues Ep. 17

May 9, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Episode 17. We are LIVE and IT. IS. GOING. DOWN. In the Club 939 studio is hardcore porn star London Keyes and her BFF Kristin! Paul Kane joins along with Russell Kealoha, Jonny Sparkles, and James Mane. This is the craziest show ever! If we aren’t taking shots or listening to Kristin and London talk about their sex list, we have London having phone sex and having a song sung to her by our friend Jarrod. Finally, Jimmy’s top 10 with London Keyes. Download. Listen. Comment. Enjoy… because believe me, we did.

Guys With Issues Ep. 11

April 10, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Guys With Issues Episode 11. F**K IT! WE’RE DOING IT LIVE! Live? Yes, this week, your favorite Hawaii comedy podcast is recorded live in the VIP room of Club 939. It was a great night of friends, food, and beautiful exotic dancing. This week, James Mane, Russel Kealoha, Jonny Sparkles, talk about Russell on the Zippys Keiki Menu, A Hooker gets dumped while a Quarterback gets arrested. plus, we get a chance to sit down with exotic dancer, Crystal and we go over the top 5 unusual things that were found in a woman’s Vagina. Download it. Listen. Enjoy yourself!

Guys With Issues Ep. 9

March 27, 2012 MarsComedy 0

Guys With Issues Episode 09. Welcome back to another episode of those guys with them issues! This week on fantasy island, WE HAVE A GUEST! James, Russel, and Sparkles welcome special guest from Chad & Anthony on the Couch podcast, Chad Wago. This week we discuss “The Chad”, Porno Star Megan Piper fails to go to the prom AGAIN, KONY 2012 via former porn star Bree Olson, Peyton Manning a Bronco and Sean Peyton a benched chump. We also discuss Smuggling at Smugglers. All this and more! Download, Listen, and we hope you enjoy the show!