Vengeance 2005: Shelton Benjamin vs Johnny Nitro vs Carlito

February 29, 2016 MarsComedy 0

Episode 9: Shelton Benjamin vs Johnny Nitro vs Carlito (Vengeance 2005)

Week 3 of Lucha Con HaHa’s Black History month is a triple threat, as we watch Shelton Benjamin vs Johnny Nitro vs Carlito at Vengeance 2005! Plus we discuss racist stereotypes, the difference between “boring” and professional wrestling, and the objectification of women.

ECW Barely Legal: Shane Douglas vs Pittbulll #2

May 12, 2014 MarsComedy 0

Episode 4. Chad Wago and Anthony Nigrelli welcome you back for yet another edition of Lucha Con Haha! This week “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs Pittbull #2. Who’s going to win? Does Anthony get it right? Why is this guy named Pittbull #2? Tune in for all the wrestling and haha!

ECW Barely Legal: A Bunch of Japanese Guys!

April 28, 2014 MarsComedy 0

Episode 003. The Dynamic Duo of Chad Wago and Anthony Nigrelli have returned for another week of Wrestling Shenanigans! They continue their review of ECW Barely Legal 1997. It’s time for some Japanese wrestling. Gran Hamada, The Great Sasuke, and Masato Yakushuji vs BWO Japan! Chad drops some knowledge on the history for the Blue World Order Japan aka BWO-Japan. Anthony’s record is currently at 1-1, can he get above .500? Is Chad part of the BWO Japan? Chad Wago-sault? Abunai! Abunai! Listen Now!

ECW Barely Legal: Lance Storm vs RVD

April 20, 2014 MarsComedy 0

Episode 002. The duo of Lucha Con Haha is back for their sophomore episode. They continue going down memory lane of ECW 1997 Barely Legal. This week, Lance Storm vs His Highness Rob Van Dam (RVD). Anthony’s prediction record stands at 0-1. Will Anthony finally get a “W” this week or will he get five star frog splashed for the win? You going to have to listen to find out!

Was Lance Storm a boring character? We want to know what you think! Download. Listen. Do it.

ECW Barely Legal: Eliminators vs The Dudley Boyz

April 13, 2014 MarsComedy 0

Episode 001. Lucha Con Haha kicks off their first ever podcast with the first match of the first ECW pay per view – The Eliminators (Perry Saturn and John Kronus) vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von). 1997 is when this pay per view took place and is also when Chad and Anthony first met. This was also the first pay per view for ECW. Not many people outside of the tri-state area knew much about this small little wrestling promotion and it was about. to go. down. Chad drops some knowledge and Anthony takes some notes and makes his predictions.