Guys With Issues Ep.03

Guys With Issues Episode 03. We are a man down, but the show must go on! James, Sparkles, & Russel, take the show on the road. This week the Guys with Issues talk about the Grammys, Jeremy Lin, Tiger Mom’s, and the curious case of Hulk HoGAY (Hogan). Plus we give out some shout outs and answer the question, “What Is Success To You?”

Question of the week: What Was The Worst/Best Thing About The Grammys?

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Guys With Issues is a comedy podcast based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Three comedians chat in a round table style forum and discuss current events, various issues, and comedic segments with a number of celebrity guests stopping in for a visit.


  1. Paying the bills by being funny and getting to screw around for a living is the dream.  That and the power to wreak vicious and devastating revenge on your enemies.  And then be found face down in a pile of blow surrounded by Penthouse Pets (they're freakier than Playmates).

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