Guys With Issues Ep.02

Guys With Issues Episode 02. This weeks the Guys with Issues talk Superbowl Shenanigans from the game itself, to our favorite commercials, as well as our reaction to Madonna and company in the half time show! We also talk about University of Hawaii’s porn site controversy, George Clooney’s awesome look alike, and we ask each other what we would do if we won 1 million dollars. The answers will shock you! Plus, an elephant rapes a woman. Finally, this week we have special guest Paul Kane joining in on the fun on Fantasy Island. Fantasy Island accommodations are courtesy of Bruce Fisher and

Question To Our Fans: What Would You Do If You Won One Million Dollars?

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Guys With Issues is a comedy podcast based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Three comedians chat in a round table style forum and discuss current events, various issues, and comedic segments with a number of celebrity guests stopping in for a visit.


  1. Another great show guys you crack me up! and yeah carl lewis just slaughtered the anthem #FAIL~Question, do you know if there trying to get the Food truck situation fixed? because that 15min rule suck! I went to keeaumoku to buy my fav fairycake's and xtreme taco's and they all had to move or get a $1,000.00 fine and 30 days in jail! #SmallbusinessHi #FAIL

    *If I won a Million dollars~I would give half to my parents and party with the other half then go back home to my parents and borrow there half hahaha! kidding! I'll tell you when I win!

    Have an awesome day guys! looking forward to the next show!

  2. Hahaha!! Love it Krysti. Thank you so much for commenting.  You will get a special shout out from the GUYS on the next episode.  I hope your parents don't spend their half as fast as you'll spend yours.  lol.  Thank you again for listening and posting. Aloha from The GUYS WITH ISSUES.

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