Episode 121: We Are Oha Trustees!

Episode 121: Aloha James Mane and Russell Kealoha are in the cave for another issue of Guys With Issues! This week we NFL holding hands and kneeling, Kaiser High School Football coach getting bullied, OHA Trustee leaving the scene of an accident, and a $7 buffet for 2 days?! All this and more on this weeks Guys With Issues!

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This episode was recorded live at Hawaiian Brians! Thank you for supporting our podcast!

Show Notes: 

  • Kyle Kinane December 16th 7pm
  • Thoughts on the NFL Kneeling Protest
  • Puerto Rico vs Donald Trump
  • Martinez resigns as Kaiser’s Head Football Coach
  • Oha Trustee Leaves Scene of Accident
  • $7 Korean Buffet for like 2 Days
  • 71st annual Aloha Festivals Floral Parade
  • Egypt “hunting down” gays, conducting forced anal exams
  • Ohio 17-year-old caught having sex with family’s pet wiener dog — again
  • Scary clowns to soon deliver doughnuts in Iowa City
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