Guys With Issues Ep 48

Guys With Issues Episode 48
Episode 48. Keith Moore Live! Stop what you are doing! James Mane, Russel Kealoha, Chad Wago and special guest Keith Moore are back with another episode of Hawaii’s comedy podcast, Guys with Issues. Keith sits down and talks about “Bed For Bums” and how he makes a very poor batman! Also on the show we discuss:

  • Kenny Rogers, Coward of the County
  • Jimmys Top 10 Reasons for Looking At Another Girl in Front of Your Woman
  • The Wet & Wild Conundrum
  • Beds For Bums
  • Caught Sniffing + Salty Sheets
  • Chad Wago’s Stupid News
  • Uncle Russel’s Useless Trivia with Snoop Dogg

Any questions, comments, or concerns, leave a comment and then go sniff some panties, take a picture, post, wash, repeat, peace!


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Guys With Issues is a comedy podcast based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Three comedians chat in a round table style forum and discuss current events, various issues, and comedic segments with a number of celebrity guests stopping in for a visit.

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