Episode 108: Halloween 2016 + Tinder!

Episode 108. James Mane, Chad Wago, and Russell Kealoha are back with another episode of Hawaii’s only comedy podcast, The Guys With Issues! We are taped live at The Studio in Hawaiian Brians! Happy Halloween 2016 to you all. This week, James gets ready to film another season of Decker, We talk about what we are doing this Halloween, we listen to some predictions from the mysterious Wagodamus, and Hawaiian Airlines weighing the Samoans? Plus, the Cubs vs the Indians in the World Series? All this and more on this weeks Guys With Issues.

Special Thanks to Hawaiian Brians for hosting us!

Another shout out goes to Kings of Spade for our GWI Theme song – Boys in the Band!

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Show Notes:

  • James is going back to Hollywood
    Samoan 3xl shirts
    Halloween 2017
    James to try Tinder!
    Hawaiian Airlines Weighing People Going To and From Samoa
    Cubs vs Indians World Series!
    Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
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