Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For Review

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is an example how to do sequels wrong. Take everything that worked with the original film and forget about it. Take everything that didn’t work and amplify it. That’s pretty much what Sin City 2 comes down to.

While I enjoyed the first Sin City, I can’t say it was a fantastic film. It was unique and fun, had plenty of flaws, but I was able to overlook them because the stories and characters were interesting enough for me to get involved. Some of the stylistic choices actually had some meaning to it. For example, with the film being a heavily black and white film, the use of color in some cases was to emphasize certain details that you were meant to pay attention to. This time around, the use of color is to just emphasize how cool something is. So instead of “Hey, pay attention, this detail is important,” it’s just, “Hey, did you see that? It was pretty, wasn’t it?”

Not to mention the stories are mostly boring. There’s 4 stories told in a seemingly random order. With the first film, we get nice bookends. The opening story was the first half to the story we end the film with. Sin City 2 starts off with one short, complete story with nothing significant about it, then ends with another story that was unsatisfying. There was one story that does get told half first then half later, but it just seems like it was done because “hey, that’s what we did in the first movie. Let’s do it again.” It was the most interesting story, but had probably the worst payoff of all of them. All that time building up this great climax only to have it end in the disappointing anti-climax. Maybe Rodriguez was trying to do something Tarantino is great at, like the building up to a knife fight in Kill Bill Vol. 1 only to have it end in 4 seconds. But it just doesn’t have that same satisfying surprise to it. Instead I just thought to myself, “Really? That was it?”

Maybe you just want to see some blood and action? This movie has plenty of it. Plenty more than the first film with some beautiful cinematic sequences. Robert Rodriguez isn’t the best director in the business, but he’s certainly one of the best cinematographers in the business. If I actually cared a bit about the stories or what was going on, I would have been excited for the bloody moments. If you don’t care about the story, you just came for the blood and violence, then you might have a good time. Oh, and there’s also a lot of boobs.

Speaking of boobs, Eva Green is naked through half her performance. Her performance is great. She completely overacts everything, like this movie should be acted. On a side note, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt thought he was in a different film. He gives a great performance, but it just doesn’t fit in the context of the film. But Eva Green knows exactly what the film is trying to be, and just plays the cheesiness of it up to 11. And did I mention she spends a lot of time naked?

Mickey Rourke also has a blast. Think of him as The Hulk without the green. He spends half the movie drinking and the other half beating people to a pulp. Probably the most enjoyable thing about the movie. That and Eva Green’s boobs. Did I mention Eva Green’s boobs?

If you’re 13-years-old, you’ll probably love this movie. If you’re want violence, blood, and boobs, then you might dig this movie. If you want a plot and story with interesting characters, then go see Guardians of the Galaxy.


By the way, did I mention how great Guardians of the Galaxy is?

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