Guys With Issues Ep. 17

Episode 17. We are LIVE and IT. IS. GOING. DOWN. In the Club 939 studio is hardcore porn star London Keyes and her BFF Kristin! Paul Kane joins along with Russell Kealoha, Jonny Sparkles, and James Mane. This is the craziest show ever! If we aren’t taking shots or listening to Kristin and London talk about their sex list, we have London having phone sex and having a song sung to her by our friend Jarrod. Finally, Jimmy’s top 10 with London Keyes. Download. Listen. Comment. Enjoy… because believe me, we did.

Note: LONDON KEYES will be performing 5/9/12 & 5/10/12 at Club 939, Hawaii’s best gentlemans club.

Show Notes:

  • Drinking and Chatting with London Keyes
  • London has phone sex with our friend Chad
  • Jarrod sings a song to London
  • Top 10 Things That Sound Sexy Only When Said By London Keyes!

Thanks to Aloha Bruce (Hawaii Vacation Connection).

This episodes Musical Spotlight is Virgin Mary at

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Guys With Issues is a comedy podcast based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Three comedians chat in a round table style forum and discuss current events, various issues, and comedic segments with a number of celebrity guests stopping in for a visit.

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