Episode 110: The Blue Booty Sign!

Episode 110. James Mane and Russell Kealoha are back doing Hawaii’s only comedy podcast on location at Kini Zamora’s The Clique Studio! Thank you to Kini for inviting us over and letting us watch other’s work on their dreams. This week, we talking about the Max Holloway and Yancy parade, UFC in Hawaii, and Hawaii’s first weed Dispensary! All this and more on this weeks Guys With Issues podcast!

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Show Notes:
Eat, Laugh, Sail podcast with Jame Alberding
Peter Roy from Germany
Max and Yancy parade in Waianae
UFC in Hawaii? – Blaisdell vs Stan Sheriff
James vs Ruby Tuesdays Social Media
WWE coming – shoutout to local wrestling promotion AZW
Parking rate raises – $3.00 an hour!
New bill banning cellphone use while walking in crosswalks and by bicyclists
Hawaii’s first Weed dispensaries.
Mandatory Grunt Work Upon Graduation

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