James Mane

January 25, 2012 MarsComedy 5

James Mane is an American Samoan born comedian, writer, and actor who hosts the Guys With Issues Podcast as well as many comedy showcases in Hawaii for MarsComedy. James has been doing stand up comedy in Hawaii since 2009 and has worked with many national headliners such as Ahmed Ahmed, Andy Bumatai, Bret Ernst, Cort McCown, Dante, Dat Phan, Eliot Chang, Graham Elwood, Jay Davis, Jay Phillips, Joey Medina, Ryan Stout, Steve Byrne, and Steve-O. A former collegiate football player James is now a city bus driver, a single father, and a soccer mom for his daughter’s soccer team. James’ witty and off the wall outlook on life paired with his likable but edgy delivery makes him a comic to look out for in the next few years.